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Telluride Distilling Company Running Strong

Step into the new Telluride Distillery Tasting room in Mountain Village and you can already feel the vibe in the Core changing. Add a dash of Telluride history and a pinch of creativity for expansion and voila – a thriving second location for the Telluride Distilling Company is made.

Handcrafting vodka since 2015, Abbott and Joanna Smith have pursued their labor of love first opening the Telluride Distilling Company in Lawson Hill at the Society Turn Business Center. Now, with the opening of a second tasting room in the Franz Klammer Lodge in the Mountain Village Core, fans of the distillery won’t have to travel far to enjoy local liquors.

With vodka, whiskey and schnapps offerings, Telluride Distilling Company rolled out their vodka first in 2015. Their vodka is a throwback to an old Telluride miner’s recipe. “They used to import eight tons of sugar a week for miners back in the day, and we wanted to give nod to a true Telluride recipe”, Abbott said. With its creamy and velvety texture, it has become a local favorite. “Good vodka is meant to be flavorless, odorless and textureless” according to Abbott. Their schnapps was unveiled in May of 2016 and was an ‘afterthought’ according to the couple. 

“We love peppermint schnapps and decided, why don’t we make one?” Joanna said. Their authentic peppermint flavor combined with half the amount of sugar makes it a popular choice among locals and visitors alike. “It has the least amount of sugar to still be called a schnapps and no additive chemicals. Our German and Swiss clientele love it. It’s not your typical schnapps from college”. And as one of the only peppermint schnapps to win a gold medal at the International San Francisco Spirits Competition, it’s the natural choice that could easily go national, according to the couple.

The mountain mash whiskey is aged for at least two years in oak barrels. It’s a unique mash made of a 50/50 mix of the best parts of malted barley and rye. “We stay away from corn-based ingredients, as well as GMOs” Joanna added.

When asked about the couple’s thriving success, the down-to-earth co-owner Joanna, who studied chemistry and microbiology at the University of Colorado, simply stated “We wanted to grow organically. We each knew at a young age that we wanted to own a business in the future, and after realizing the market for distilling was on the rise, we wanted to build something that allowed us to stay in Telluride while serving the community we love so much”.

Abbott, with an engineering and business background, combined with his distilling knowledge is “always reverse engineering everything” and found space in the Telluride market. 

Their combined brilliance led to the creation of one of the only continuous fractioning columns in the state – that Abbott built with his bare hands. Sourcing parts and perfecting their distilling based on temperature and chemical compounds, the duo was able to dually shine.  “Our distillery is controlled by computer rather than someone’s senses”, Abbott said, “it’s been the only one in the state before last year.”  Their technical expertise is firmly on display as there are only two manufacturers in the US that builds them. He also constructed their soda system from scratch for their ginger beer, and the couple serves their own recipes and mixes using fresh fruit and their own unique frozen drink machine.

When asked how they manage their organic growth intelligently, Joanna expressed that they have been approached by several other states to distribute, including Texas, Arizona, Wisconsin, New York and California. She says they are very careful about their research and sourcing and want to nurture their small Colorado brand in the right way.  She adds that they are careful and not frivolous, and meticulous about everything they buy.

“We knew how to distill, we just had to learn the business side of operating a distillery,” she said. 

And excelled to the top of the class they did. By focusing on three quality products, the husband wife team was able to have a high-quality product every time, allowing ease to market and lower costs aiding them in being competitive in such a narrow field.

“We appreciate that the locals are so supportive”, Abbott said. Bartenders will pour it and it moves, so business owners know it will sell.  We maintain $5 mules for locals, and our $4 schnapps shots are a favorite.

In addition to its new location across from the new Sunshine Pharmacy location, the tasting room also offers free popcorn, pool and darts.  The newest addition will be “Putt-Ski”, a golf/skeeball/beer pong game. Their commitment to community is also highlighted by their recent ski patrol fundraiser, which included raffles, donating a portion of the drink costs to the Hawkeye Foundation and supporting the Logan Fuller fund.

Abbott met Joanna at the Bluegrass Festival in 2011 and realized they were on the same wavelength over dinner at now defunct Flavor.  She was working nonprofit, he a bartender at Mountain Lodge. After discovering commonality in where they wanted to be in the world and how they wanted to impact it, their backgrounds and prowess bore a partnership. 

“I was living in Vail at the time working for a nonprofit foundation and a friend gave me some Bluegrass tickets.  I reconnected with Abbott through ski friends and we realized our shared passion.” Joanna said.

In the early days, you would often find the Smiths tending bar themselves to support the tasting room and their distributorship. “We worked hard to ensure we could collaborate and grow the right way” Joanna said. “We were very careful to grow organically and didn’t want to hound businesses to carry our brand. It’s not about the hype.”

But the hype has come, hand in hand with the opening of the June 15th common consumption area (CCA). “It really helps with capacity and we’re excited to expand with additional umbrella tables out front,” she said.

The move was years in the making and comes just in time for the expansion of the CCA in the Village Center. Championed by the Mountain Village Town Council and President Anton Benitez, Laila Benitez and Dan Caton, the new area will be in effect every day and will include Heritage Plaza and walkways and breezeways connecting the town center to the Sunset Plaza area.

Anton Benitez also serves on the Mountain Village Promotional Association (MVPA) which was formed in 2014 to diligently address the numerous requirements like security and signage that come with managing a CCA.

Support for the second location wasn’t hard to find. Telluride Real Estate Corp had the space and Jon Dwight, Alex Martin and Marcin Ostromecki aided the couple in their search for a second location to support their wholesale distributorship.  “We wanted a tasting room and it blossomed into a full bar. We never thought we’d have two locations: production and a separate tasting room in Mountain Village” Joanna said.

The Smiths are truly part of the Telluride tribe. Hailing from Wisconsin and Colorado, the couple enjoys the outdoors and hunting. Joanna’s grandparents met shooting and her great grandmother was born in Telluride – part of the Biddle clan. Her great great grandpa was an admin for the area’s school system and was also in the marching band for one of Telluride’s first July 4th parades. You can even check out a large pair of antlers mounted on the wall from an Elk Joanna’s grandmother shot with a muzzle loader back in the 50s.

With relatives here and their family steeped in history, the Smiths have deep respect for each other, locals and their employees. As if being one of the top distilleries in Colorado wasn’t enough, they cite one of their greatest achievements as having their family members from Wisconsin, Chicago and Key West finally visit Telluride when the Mountain Village tasting room opened.

Joanna still maintains her nonprofit work, and although their business is their baby and shared passion, they are also proud parents to furry babies “Larry Byrd” and a Wiemaraner “Zee”. They are extremely grateful to the town and give awesome kudos to the Town Council for being so supportive. When asked what it’s like to build up from treading water while nurturing their small Colorado brand, Abbott smiled and said, “It’s like being on a supercharged jet ski versus swimming!”

The Smiths encourage you to come by and try their hand made spirits, where they use only the finest ingredients distilled in a unique, high-altitude environment. The one of a kind experience and smoothness of each sip will keep you coming back for more. “Anything to bring people to the Mountain Village is a win for us”, the couple stated. “TMVOA did so much for us, we are happy to support them however we can.”



Air Travel to Telluride is now easier than ever! An update from Telluride Flights Alliance Matt Skinner

The TREC team hosted Matt Skinner with the Colorado Flights Alliance at its most recent sales meeting. Skinner served at the Director of Marketing for the Telluride Ski Resort rom 2006-2007, and then the Executive Director of Sales & Marketing until 2009. He then went on to serve as VP of Sales & Marketing from 2010-2012. Skinner has been the CEO of the Colorado Flight Alliance since his time at TelSki, and has been at the helm for 7 years, since 2012.

Talks with Denver Air Connection started several years ago and the opportunity to work together arose when the Telluride Regional Airport lost commercial service twice within the past three years.

Great Lakes Airlines ceased all commercial service at TEX on March 26th 2018 due to a pilot shortage, the second time Great Lakes stopped service to TEX. The airline also discontinued flights to and from TEX on September 16th 2014 again due to a pilot shortage. Prior to the 2014 stoppage, Great Lakes had served Telluride for 17 years. Operations resumed December 2016.

“It’s been the evolution of Denver Air Connection’s service capabilities and all the investment by TEX over time that finally brought us to the point that we’re able to put together this service,” Skinner said.

Fortunately winter air traffic numbers weren’t affected by the short gap in commercial air service. TEX and the Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ) saw a record number of travelers this season. Skinner credited the increase in direct flights to and from Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Houston for the increase.

According to Telluride Regional Airport Authority Chair and TREC VP Jon Dwight, offering commercial jet service at TEX has been a decade in the making, thanks to airport improvements and the approval of several new approaches. The FDA also required runway and facility upgrades.

Several TEX projects have been completed, including reconstruction of the aircraft apron and taxiway, as well as terminal improvements. Seal coat and engineered material arresting system (EMAS) work was completed Summer 2018. The $6.7 million dollar apron project was funded by two grants, a 90 percent Federal Aviation Association Grant and a $250,000 grant from the Colorado Division of Aeronautics as well as funding from the airport itself. General and commercial aviation terminals, and the lounge area were upgraded and the size of the TSA holding area was increased.

“Since that time, our goal has always been to expand commercial service into Telluride,” Dwight said. “I was extremely excited that the 10 years of effort was finally coming to fruition and we were able to provide commercial jet service to Telluride, which we’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

At MTJ, American Airlines has added a third daily flight to Dallas-Fort Worth in the core summer months, offering two flights a day in early and late summer. MTJ still offers daily flights throughout the year.

United Airlines offers daily flights to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, which also runs twice on Saturdays in July. The daily flight continues to operate in the fall months and winter, and TEX would like to see year-round service.

Skinner indicated that the flight alliance is an economic anchor and engine that’s tightly tied to housing and the overall health of shops and restaurants. In the 10-year cycle, jobs are now long and housing is short and people are looking for money. It’s important that we vocally and publicly support the Colorado Flights Alliance initiatives.

Skinner stated that a recent study indicated that 80% of Telluride’s tourism is based on these flights and our interlinked economies with Montrose. A study soon to be revisited this January. As an economic sustainability and vitality partner, the Town of Telluride needs to stay informed and supportive of the Colorado Flights Alliance initiatives. Skinner emphasized the point with the history of how Crested Butte lost their destination status by loosing their air funding. With $200,000 in lost revenue, Vail quickly took the lead, and now with the EPIC pass, their future is unknown.

TEX has shown significant growth in the shoulder season. The Chicago flight three times a day has certainly helped, and the flights out have increased by two. This 20% growth with mainline jets is promising, and Skinner indicated he would like to see a daily San Francisco flight by next year. The numbers are up 14% overall, with December – March up 10% and the holidays up 3-4%. We are getting over the snow hangover and Skinner indicated he’s seen a spike in business with weddings and hunters in October. is also a new tool to search for fares. Skinner said guests can find fares similar to the early 2000’s yet holidays will be about the same as last year. He’s thrilled that Telluride is now considered easy to get to.

Skinner indicated that the Montrose Regional Airport also has plans to expand. MTJ plans to expand the 4th Gate and two curbside check ins to help ease the Saturday compression. MTJ will expand north before it builds up. There are currently plans to enclose the outdoor baggage area which will double the square footage. Skinner indicated we’d see a second story maybe in 10-20 years.

Parking will now be made easier as the nearby dirt overflow lot has been graded and second homeowners and those parking for months at the time will be encouraged to park in overflow, versus crowding the already packed lot closest to the airport.

Skinner also briefly touched on TelSki and websites merging. He indicated it should be an efficient flow through with traffic and grow within a year, year and a half. He also suggested that the proposed rental tax that recently went up to 2% in Telluride beginning Jan 2020 should be global to all at 1%, an interesting proposition.

With Telluride now easier to get to than ever, it is thrilling to see these 10 year plans come to fruition and Skinner has high hopes for the future.





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    Telluride Ski Season Real Estate Market Deals December 2019

    Ski Season Holiday 2019 Hot Picks

    135 San Joaquin Road 209, Mountain Village, CO 81435
    MLS #37025

    Three bedrooms in Bear Creek. The only 3 bedroom available at Bear Creek Lodge, the last 3 bedroom to sell was not updated in any way and closed at $645K while this unit has new carpet, new fireplace, new kitchen appliances, redesign of new quartz counters/bar and updated furnishings. Revel in all that Telluride has to offer while the on-site staff at Bear Creek Lodge looks after your every need. This alpine getaway features three bedrooms and three bathrooms with open living spaces for everyone to gather in at the end of a long day conquering Telluride's legendary slopes. Relax in front of the modern fireplace while taking in views of the Sneffels Range. Featuring stainless steel appliances, the kitchen enjoys ample cupboard and counter space. Both of the extra bedrooms can be locked off to increase rental potential. Lush, common yard right outside front door for load-in/out convenience. The property boasts a private surface lift to/from the ski trail, a competent front desk, shuttle/valet, fitness room, swimming pool, spas/sauna/steam. Being sold fully furnished.

    457 Mountain Village Boulevard 3006-3008, Mountain Village, CO 81435
    MLS #35962

    Least expensive Mountain Village, CO. Location always matters, even within a complex. This corner unit is located in the coveted 3000 building and is rare in the fact that it shares no common walls with other units. Its corner location affords extra windows, great light, and stunning views of the San Sophia ridgeline and open space from every room. DOG OWNERS- Private latched gate out to the creek from deck. Ski in, enjoy an Apres ski burger and a cocktail at the on-site lodge, dip in the pool, soak in the hot tub, enjoy ski storage, on-property parking, and the convenience of the Mountain Village Core. Add in the proven Mountain Lodge track record where owners in the rental pool share rental profits according to unit size, and this property is a no-brainer for those looking for a little piece of Telluride to call their own.

    747 West Pacific Ave. 421, Telluride, CO 81435
    MLS #37685

    Lodge in style. Skier’s delight - feet from Chair 7, the Galloping Goose bus stop and Clark’s Market. Telluride Lodge boasts the least expensive 3 bedroom condo in the Town of Telluride at a very fair price, it’s never been rented and in good condition. Located in the heart of precious Telluride, Conde Naste's favorite North American ski resort, Unit 421 in the Telluride Lodge is super conveniently located just steps from Lift 7, Clark's Market, and the Telluride Lodge hot tub, sauna and steam room. With three bedrooms two bath this upper level unit was remodeled in 2005. It has never been rented and is in very good condition. The condominium includes a small deeded storage room, which is perfect for your skis, boots, and an in-unit laundry. With only 34 condominiums for sale in Telluride, and none for sale in the Telluride Lodge, Unit 421 with its' great sun and views, and spectacular location make this pleasant in-Town condominium one to seriously consider.

    TBD Quakey Lane 45, Telluride, CO 81435
    MLS #37080

    In acreage, this 2+ acre lot located on Quakey Lane is in the top 33% of the 206 properties in Ski Ranches that are over 2 acres in size. This is a property with privacy and great view opportunities. The ideal location for the home site is about 100 feet near the top of the vacant lot. Build an arcing driveway starting from the eastern corner of the property and culminating on the western corner of the property (subject to DRC approval). Lots of mature Aspens on the lot offer privacy but can be cleared to build a home which will open up your views if desired. The 15 acre lot to the north of this lot acts as a buffer from Highway 145.
    Horses are permitted in Ski Ranches, and tons of hiking is available to owners in the Ski Ranches. Easy to get to and plenty of space to build a home and guest home and/or a barn.

    136 Country Club Drive 641,643,649, Mountain Village, CO 81435
    MLS #35618

    $100K in Rental Revenue. Completely renovated 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in the Peaks Hotel w W/D, kitchen. The owner can stay in one of the lock offs while renting the rest, still earning income while staying there. The owner does not have to be in residence to use the largest spa in Colorado. 3 contiguous 6th floor units that have been combined to make one large 2 bedroom, 3 full bath condo, with a 45 square foot terrace offering great views of the San Sophia Range. Complete remodel in 2016. Multiple rental opportunities: 1) rent as 3 separate studios, 2) as 1 bedroom suite and separate studio, or 3) as a 2 bedroom condo with full kitchen. All Bosch appliances. $4000 sleeper sofa in unit 643 – thick mattress feels like a traditional bed. Washer/Dryer in bathroom. Offered for sale as one 1300 square foot unit; but with three separate deeds. Owner is entitled to all of the amenities that the Peaks Hotel offers: Dog friendly hotel, Largest spa in Colorado, Concierge service , 1 indoor lap pool, Indoor pool with water slide, and an outdoor pool, Hot tubs, Hair salon. All Bosch appliances. $4000 sleeper sofa in unit 643  thick mattress feels like a traditional bed. Washer/Dryer in bathroom. Offered for sale as one 1300 square foot unit; but with three separate deeds. Owner is entitled to all of the amenities that the Peaks Hotel offers: Dog friendly hotel, Largest spa in Colorado, Concierge service , 1 indoor lap pool, Indoor pool with water slide, and an outdoor pool, Hot tubs, Hair salon.

    250 S Pine Street 102S, Telluride, CO 81435
    MLS #37586

    Ballard House The only 1 bedroom in the Town of Telluride on the MLS that is not in the Mountain Side Inn. Unbeatable central location just steps from Telluride’s Town Park, Gondola, Historic Main Street, Bear Creek Preserve and the River Trail. Unbeatable location just steps from Telluride's greatest hits - Town Park, Gondola, Historic Main Street, Bear Creek Preserve and the River Trail. Upscale and thoughtful design featuring one-bedroom and one marble-laden bathroom with steam shower and large soaking tub. The open living spaces in this well-sized unit feature a gas fireplace, bar seating and plenty of room for a dining room table. The kitchen has granite counters, GE appliances and ample storage. A ground-floor location. Elevator-served garage parking with assigned space and storage locker, plus common area to store the bikes. This location will never be anything but ideal, marrying center-of-it-all convenience with river-skiing-wilderness escapes right outside your front door.

    110 S Pine Street 2C, Telluride, CO 81435
    MLS #37696

    Idyllic location and deck. Ideally situated in the heart of downtown Telluride, this 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath penthouse unit is within walking distance to everything. The Livery Building is conveniently located between the Gondola Station Telluride Town Park and enjoys easy walking to skiing, shops, restaurants and all that Telluride has to offer. You must see this unit to appreciate the amazing light, updated wood flooring, new carpet, and fresh paint. Be sure and take in the enormous Box Canyon, Bear Creek, Ballard mountain and red rock views from the private rooftop deck. Property includes one assigned garage parking space and a 40 sq. ft. owner's storage closet. 

    225 Ridgeline Drive 225, Mountain Village, CO 81435
    MLS #37691

    Beautiful log and stone townhome with four bedrooms and four full bathrooms. Enjoy the magnificent views of the San Juan Mountains from throughout the residence including your multiple decks and patios. The luxurious master features a generous bedroom, sumptuous bath, steam shower, large walk-in closet, fireplace and private balcony. Hot tub and custom fire pit are located on the large bottom floor patio. One of the most private, sought after residences in Tristant set at the end of the cul-de-sac. Superior ski and mountain bike access directly onto Lower Village Bypass and the Village Trail.

    215 N Fir Street, Telluride, CO 81435
    MLS #37151

    TIMELESS TELLURIDE - Still Searching for that Perfect Telluride (Western Mountain) Home? This Offering is in One of the Most Desired Locations in Telluride – Sunnyside, Steps to the Center of Main Street and 3.5 Blocks to Gondola, Inspiring Views and Privacy. Located in One of Telluride's Original Town Additions, which means Close Proximity to some of Telluride's Most Unique Landmarks. In Addition to its Location, this Home has too Many Features to List, but; here are a Couple - New Construction, Multiple Flex Rooms, Wrap Around Front Porch, Second Separate Master (caretaker unit), No Common Wall Bedrooms, Heated Garage and a Petite Front Yard. Custom Designed and Built with all the Amenities One Would Expect in a Mountain Modern Home. This is the Telluride Lifestyle at its Finest..

    78 County Road 23, Ridgway, CO 81432
    MLS #37717

    Live your mountain dream on this spectacular 32.971 acres in the Heart of the San Juan Mountains! Property features the Uncompahgre River, Cutler Creek, large pond with dock, plenty of irrigation/water and pond storage rights plus xeriscaping around the home. Amazing views of the pond, south to Mt. Abrams, red canyon walls, Crooked Tree Water Fall to the east, which runs in the spring. Custom 3,230 sq. ft. 3 bedrooms, 3 bath home with natural gas, in-floor radiant heat plus heated 2 car garage with shop. Quality, unique features throughout including: great room with vaulted tongue and groove ceiling, stone Rumford fireplace, south facing windows and doors, covered deck with breath taking views. Country kitchen with brick fireplace, granite counters, hammered copper kitchen farm sink

    Aga 5 burner Range/oven with copper piping and back splash, dining area with more windows and views. Private master suite with doors to deck, amazing view, double sinks, jacuzzi tub, enclosed shower and custom walk-in closet. Office with built-in bookcase, ladder up to loft, plenty of desk and filing space. Separate large guest bedroom on main level with adjoining bathroom. Lower level includes family room with wet bar, full bath, private guest bedroom, boiler/utility room, spacious laundry room, extra storage, heated two car garage with dog/wash up stainless sink and shop with built-in cabinets. Impressive 66'X48' barn completed in 2012. Barn amenities include: natural gas Soapstone fireplace in Arts/Crafts studio, outdoor patio off of studio, heated powder room, heated indoor/outdoor kennel with wash up stainless sink, two horse stalls with cushioned flooring, full lighting in and out, upper doors at both ends to allow hay storage. Corral and loafing shed also included. (total 3 ponds). Impressive, one of a kind property, with convenient easy paved access!!!!

    457 Mountain Village Blvd. Cabin 9, Mountain Village, CO 81435
    MLS #37288

    True ski in/out 4 bedroom log cabin at the Mountain Lodge. Located directly trailside on Double Cabins, ''Humbolt'' cabin also benefits from it's quiet and private creekside location. Enjoy all of the services and amenities of the Mountain Lodge, plus hassle free condo ownership. Just remodeled with new wood floors, paint and trim, cabin #9 also enjoys great natural light and views to the San Sophia range. Historical rental data for last three years shows $11K-$14K+- net to owner after all HOA expenses.

    530 W Pacific Avenue A, Telluride, CO 81435
    MLS #37461

    With its prime location in the Town of Telluride just steps from skiing, hiking, dining and shopping, this townhome lives like a single family home and offers convenience for all seasons. Enter the main living level from West Pacific Avenue. Three bedrooms all with en suite baths occupy three levels - the large, private top floor master is separated from the two lower level guest suites by the newly updated kitchen, living and dining area. New carpet and a new roof make this turnkey townhome move-in ready.

    119 Palmyra Drive, Mountain Village, CO 81435
    MLS #36612

    Seamless Ski Access best describes this estate's location, both departing and arriving on grade from Bridges Ski Trail to its ski room with equipment storage and boot warmers. Recently re-modeled with a mountain contemporary flair, 119 Palmyra is the ultimate retreat for generations of family that comfortably sleeps seventeen within six spacious bedrooms and bunkrooms. Expansive mountainous views from the great room explode at entry through floor-to ceiling windows spilling sunlight upon a two-and-a-half-story great room replete with a steel and glass fireplace. The open main level floorplan flows effortlessly to the dining area and a chef's kitchen with breakfast bar, concrete countertops, hand crafted cabinetry, upscale appliances, including built-in Miele coffee maker,

    Dacor double oven, Asco dishwasher and Sub Zero refrigerator /freezer. Central to the room is a full service bar with sink and ice maker. Generous slopeside decking and yard further expands the interior to the outdoors for family BBQs and hot tubbing. A second master, bunk room, guest suite, powder room and ski room complete the main living level floor plan.

    A grand master suite occupies the entire upper level, with fireplace and spacious ensuite bath replete with jetted tub and appointed with slates and travertines. Two private lounging / reading rooms afford additional privacy within the suite that also connects with an open loft, ideal for quiet family downtime as a sitting room overlooking the great room.

    The lowest level encompasses a family / game room with two fireplaces, full service bar (refrigerator, icemaker, dishwasher), wine room, pool and ping pong tables. An additional bunkroom, guest suite, powder room and laundry complete this level that offers areas of separation for generations of family and friends, as do other levels of this exquisite residence. Atop this estate is a "yoga tower" offering 360 degrees of viewscape with an atmosphere for quiet meditation.

    209 Wilson Peak Drive, Mountain Village, CO 81435
    MLS #35570

    The Ultimate in Effortless Ski Access. The residence’s sense of arrival presents architecture that is both uniquely contemporary with a blend of curvature and simplistic linear design that blends seamlessly with its mountainous environment through usage of copper and red Cedar siding and barrel vaulted copper and cedar shake roofing. Upon entry, its slate staircase and glass elevator provide the first hint of the superb mountain contemporary finishes found throughout. A frosted glass flooring from a hallway above streams light to the entry level. White hard maples, integrated color concrete, stainless steel interior sliding glass doors are but a few of the fine finishes utilized throughout. Located with end of the road privacy.

    Entry Level - The entry level accommodates leisure time family activities with a spacious office / den / flex sleeping area, dry sauna, full bath, half bath, ski room (dog wash, boot dryers, and hot tub access), media room adjoining a game room complete with ping pong, shuffleboard, wet bar (wine cooler, 2 sub-zero mini refrigerators, Bosch dishwasher, trash compactor). This level also has access to a spacious southwest facing deck with hot tub and gas fire pit where friends and family gather for apres ski and sunsets.

    Main Level - One can access the main level up a dramatic open tread, steel and slate staircase or glass pneumatic elevator, a unique architectural element unto itself. A curved art wall invites one to open living, dining and chef's kitchen areas with dramatic floor to ceiling views of the San Sophia Ridge through yet another curved exterior wall and warmed by a artistically designed fireplace. This great room also accesses expansive decks to the north and south offering additional and enjoyable outdoor living areas. The east wing of the main level encompasses four bedrooms with ensuite baths and laundry possessing the finest of finish level of intricate built-ins, marbles, lighting and plumbing fixtures.

    Upper Level - A level exclusively for the masters of the residence. An expansive master bedroom with fireplace, full laundry, dual vanities, steel tub and glass shower with 4 shower heads is graciously appointed with a large walk-in closet, slate bath flooring, and maple built-ins.

    Getting Around During Your Telluride Ski Vacation – Park Your Car and Enjoy the Small-Town Charm

    Telluride is full of charm and natural wonder. Once you’re here you immediately begin to unwind and enjoy the box canyon. One thing that makes any stay in Telluride or Mountain Village special is the ease of getting around. Park your vehicle and enjoy the Gondola, Galloping Goose, Dial-A-Ride and Bike Rentals. Operations like Telluride Express and other limo and car services in the area can make getting around easy.

    The Gondola – a one of a kind experience

    The Telluride/Mountain Village Gondola is the first and only free public transportation system of its kind in the United States. Opening in November 1996, the Gondola, or ‘G’ according to locals, is a one-of-a-kind transportation system. Quiet and visually spectacular, its environmental benefits include eliminating noise and air pollution, as well as parking demands for commuters and skiers in the Town of Telluride.

    It starts at the Telluride Station in the historic Town of Telluride, reaches its summit of 10,540 feet at the top of the mountain at San Sophia Station and descends into the European style Town of Mountain Village at the Gondola Plaza. The epically scenic ride is 8 miles and 13 minutes and offers some of the best views of the Telluride Box Canyon and San Juan Mountains. The famous Coors Light Mountain (Wilson Peak) can be seen on the ride between San Sophia Station and Gondola Plaza. Hopping off at San Sophia Station gives guests the opportunity to head to the ski slopes, hiking and biking trails. An evening on the town can be made special by taking the Gondola to Allred’s Restaurant.

    Once in the Gondola Plaza in Mountain Village, you can head down the steps to the Mountain Village Core or ride the second part of the Gondola to reach the Mountain Market, the Post Office and the Mountain Village Town Hall.

    Featured in many iconic images of Telluride the Gondola represents the true spirit of the area in providing simple and clean commuting for skiers and snowboarders, mountain bikers, hikers, tourists and locals alike. The electricity used to operate the Gondola comes from wind and solar power. There are handicap-accessible cabins as well as pet cabins for leashed pets and Gondola attendants are on hand to assist with loading strollers and wheelchairs. The Gondola cabins are also equipped with ski and snowboard racks in winter and bike racks in summer. Known as the most innovative transportation system in North America the Gondola received the 1998 Mountain Sports and Living Design Award for Resort Access Innovation and was named the 1999 Outstanding Transit Project by the Colorado Association of Transit Agencies.

    Running daily from 7:00 AM to 12:00 midnight, the Gondola operates year-round, closing 6 weeks in both the spring and fall off seasons for maintenance.

    The Galloping Goose 

    When Telluride was a booming mining town in the late 1800s, it along with the remote mining communities in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado were serviced by the Rio Grande Southern Railroad. Telluride, Durango, Ouray and stops in between on the 162 miles of narrow-gauge track, built to navigate the rugged mountainous landscape transporting people and provisions. After the silver market crashed, the Rio Grande Southern Railroad had to scale back operations to keep the railroad running prompting the invention of the Galloping Goose, a gasoline powered rail bus. The first Galloping Goose was made in 1931 from the body of a Buick. A fleet of seven were ultimately created, each time improving on the design. The efficiency of the Galloping Goose was much better than the seam locomotive, and the San Juan area began to rely on the Geese for mail, goods and transportation.


    Today the Galloping Goose bus runs a town loop around the town of Telluride every 10 minutes. Transporting school children after school, locals on their daily commute and skiers enjoying the resort, the Winter 2019-2020 Town Loop Schedule: is November 22 2019 -April 5 2020.

    Visitors can view Galloping Goose #4 at the San Miguel County Courthouse in Telluride. Galloping Goose #5 is located at the historical museum in Dolores and is fully restored and rail worthy. It still makes excursions on the remaining narrow-gauge railroad tracks in the Southwest. Other Geese are exhibited at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, CO.


    Dial-A-Ride service provides point to point transportation within Mountain Village to all residents and guests of Mountain Village with a valid residential address and access code. The service is provided and paid for by the Mountain Village Owners Association, TMVOA, currently contracted with a division of Telluride Ski and Golf.

    Guests can use their unique Access Code (given to all Mountain Village property addresses) as the identifier when requesting a ride. Hailing a ride is even easier now with the development of the Dial-A-Ride App:

    In the Mountain Village DAR app, enter your pickup and drop-off location within the Mountain Village and number of passengers. Much like Uber, your estimated time will appear on the Request Ride button. Guests are then able to view wait time and track your driver once they’re on their way to your pickup location. Each residence has a limit of 200 complimentary rides for a combined winter and summer season. The percent ownership of the property applies to the complimentary ride limit. Normal hours of operation are 6:30 AM – 12:30 AM seven days a week during the summer and winter seasons. Extended hours of operation are 6:30 AM – 2:30 AM on Fridays and Saturdays and during busy season.

    Bike Rentals

    Check out Bootdoctors and Box Canyon Bicycles for your bike rental needs! Get geared up to hit the Mountain Village Bike Park or cruise around town exploring the sites. There’s no better way to get around in the warmer months, and even with a fat tire bike in the snow. Relax and cruise everywhere you need to go without worrying about parking.

    Telluride Express

    From airport transfers to weddings and charters and tours, Telluride Express is your ticket. Having served the area for more than 30 years, Telluride Express has a fleet of shuttles, buses and SUV’s and is the only company authorized by the Colorado PUC to provide unrestricted call and demand limo service between Telluride and all the Western Slope Airports for shared ride airport shuttles and private rides. Telluride Express specializes in transportation to and from the Gunnison-Telluride Airport and the Montrose Airport to the Towns of Telluride/Mountain Village, Grand Junction, Crested Butte and outlying areas. Telluride Express also offers shared ride airport shuttles and private charters for individuals and groups for the Gunnison-Telluride Airports and Telluride area.

    Telluride Car Service, Mountain Limo and Box Canyon Limos are also options.

    Telluride Regional Airport (TEX)

    With an asphalt-grooved runway 100′ wide, 7,111′ long and an elevation of 9,070′, the Telluride Regional Airport is just minutes from the Mountain and the Denver Air Connection has two flights daily.

       DENVER AIR CONNECTION | 866.373.8513

    Book on Denver Air Connection

    Book on

    Flight Number



    Departure Time (local)

    Arrival Time (local)





















    Dec 21 – Jan 5, Feb 1 – Mar 29







    Dec 21 – Jan 5, Feb 1 – Mar 29




    Christie's International Real Estate honors Master's Circle Members at Conference in Houston, TX

    Christie’s International Real Estate awards 200 network brokers exclusive “Luxury Specialist” designation at 2019 agent conference in Houston

    Certification underscores exemplary service to real estate clients enhanced by appreciation of other luxury assets — including home interiors, art, wine, jewelry, watches and other collectibles

    Houston, Texas (November 18, 2019) — Christie’s International Real Estate, the real estate arm of Christie’s, the world’s leading art auction house, welcomed 200 brokers from its global network, to the company’s invitation-only Luxury Specialist Conference. The annual forum, held November 12 and 13 at the five-diamond Uptown Post Oak Hotel in Uptown Houston, included experts in high-end real estate and a spectrum of other luxury segments, all providing insights on how to provide differentiated and exclusive client service.

    Leadership and philanthropy, both valued when operating at the highest levels of real estate sales, were addressed as key elements to deepening ties with existing and prospective clients. At the conclusion of the conference, attendees were bestowed with the “Christie’s International Real Estate Luxury Specialist” designation by Christie’s Education, which is reserved for brokers who have shown a dedication to exceptional client service by continuing to acquire expertise and insights into the ever-evolving luxury sector.

    Dan Conn, CEO of Christie’s International Real Estate, said: “We continue to focus our efforts on helping our network members and their agents to become trusted advisors to their clients in every sense of the word, and to provide them with unique marketing tools and services with which to service their clients in a way that no other agents can. We invite our Affiliates to exhibit real estate at top auctions around the world, to participate in sponsored luxury events such as the Concours d’Elegance car show in Pebble Beach, to create special evenings with Christie’s specialists and leaders from our other luxury partners at homes offered for sale and to schedule tours for brokers and their top clients at our auction house locations around the world including our hubs in New York, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. No other network can offer this level of luxury expertise, education and exposure, which further underscores the value of our Luxury Specialist designation.”

    International attendees hailed from Argentina, the Netherlands, Portugal and Taiwan, to name a few. In the United States, agents from New York to Florida and Montana to Hawaii were among those represented.

    Participants heard from Christie’s International Real Estate executives, including Mr. Conn, and their industry-leading peers who provided their insights in separate presentations and panels. Christie’s colleagues discussed current interior design trends and an overview of the new book from Christie’s Education’s Agnes Berecz’s “100 Years 100 Artworks.” Luxury brands Pomellato, the Italian jewelry brand; Ulysse Nardin, the Swiss watch manufacturer; and Julia B., the custom linen boutique company, all of which are partners of the Christie’s International Real Estate network, joined the conference to provide hands-on experiences in their sectors, which are valuable to agents when interacting with top-tier clients.

    Windows of the World Wine School; One More Wave, a nonprofit for rehabilitating veterans through surfing; and golf celebrity Michael Breed rounded out the conference presentations. Small group discussions also allowed those in attendance to share their real estate successes and challenges, while still leaving ample time for one-on-one networking and relationship building.

    Earlier this year, Christie’s International Real Estate announced the formation of the Masters Circle, a group of top-performing agents from within the network. This group also attended the 2019 Luxury Specialist Conference and were invited to stay for additional programming after the conclusion of the main conference. Telluride Real Estate Corp Master’s Circle Members include TD Smith, Dan Henschel, Garrett Simon and Ben Jackson.

    Nancy Almodovar, CEO of Nan & Company Properties and the host Affiliate, said: “We are extremely honored to have been selected as the host Affiliate for this year’s Luxury Specialist Conference. The event provided a unique opportunity to open our doors to top real estate experts from around the world and allow them to experience Houston’s thriving economy, exceptional landscapes, rich culture and the mix of global traditions that define our great city We take immense pride in contributing to the success of this conference and look forward to collaborating with our Christie’s International Real Estate family and Affiliate colleagues on future projects and initiatives to best serve all our valued clients.”

    About Telluride Real Estate Corp.

    Telluride Real Estate Corp. (TREC) is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate with offices in historic Telluride and the Mountain Village. Celebrating 35 years as a company, TREC is pleased to be one of the most established real estate brokerages in the region, with a team that includes more than 35 licensed brokers, assistants and staff members. TREC has access to a worldwide network of discriminating buyers, gaining maximum exposure for our Telluride listings.  Combined with the power of Christie’s International Real Estate, the largest network of independent real estate firms, TREC offers a synergy between local strength and global networking.  The Christie’s International Real Estate network exceeds $118 billion in annual sales and is the largest international network of real estate companies specializing in the sale of luxury and notable properties.  For additional information about TREC, please visit



    Telluride Ski Resort Winter Snow Update from Bill Jensen

    Telluride Ski Resort update from Bill Jensen, 100 Stevens Drive and Surprise and Delight

    The 2019 Telluride ski season is officially underway with the Telluride Real Estate Corp. kick-off meeting held December 4th. Bill Jensen and almost all of the 38 TREC brokers were in attendance, including TAR President Pam Guillory, TREC President TD Smith, as well as Director Steve Hilbert and VP’s Toby Brown and Dan Henschel. Fresh faces and perspectives from travel filled the room and the buzz in the air indicated the team was approaching the 2019 Telluride Ski Season with a new revitalized energy.

    Bill excited the crowd by indicating there would be a 5-hour preview of Chair 9 on Friday December 6th from 9-2 PM. With 4-6” of snow expected tonight and tomorrow, the terrain is sure to please. Jensen elaborated on the snow safety work being done on the mountain and indicated that Chair 12 and Prospect Bowl would be open within the next week. With the terrain opening on its current projected schedule, the Telluride ski resort is in great position for Christmas. An avid weather fan, Jensen indicated that weather patterns come in 5-week cycles, and the predictions this year have the snow cycles favoring the San Juan’s. Jensen said he always likes to see it raining in San Diego, as it bodes well for Telluride.

    The removal of 7000 trees, 5000 of which were dead and dried was another preventative initiative by the ski resort. Jensen said that the burn piles were complete ash within 36 hours of burning.

    The Mountain Village Market is getting a facelift – and is currently gutted to its shell as new plumbing, flooring, windows and shelving are going up. Slated to re-open Memorial Day 2020, the new market will have a Whole Foods experience feel and be much brighter, according to Jensen. Locals will have to be patient through the process, but the renovation of the market to mirror the more upscale resort surrounding it will certainly add to the appeal of the area as well as provide needed convenience. Jensen indicated the renovation would be upwards of $3.5M, and the Telluride Mountain Village Owner’s Association (TMVOA) has already given $1.2M.

    Mountain Village is also on the rise with the opening of another Telluride Brewing Company location. The brew pub is to be located behind the Black Iron Restaurant and not only offer local brews, but street tacos as well. Locals are thrilled that there now will be the Telluride Distilling Company and a brew pub, complete with convenient grab and go snacks perfect for the Telluride Bike Park or ski day.

    Behind the Scenes: Canopy Zip Lines are up!

    Another fabulous addition to the Mountain Village is a series of zip lines known as the Canopy, ready to ride Summer 2020. With the first run at 300 feet in length to get comfortable, guests are then sent down 1500-1600 feet 273 feet above the ground for an exhilarating ride. The canopy is a nice addition to the 10-mile bike park which opened Summer of 2018.  

    Jensen added that $1.5-$2M will be spent yearly in snowmaking, and we are well on track for meeting the 20% reduction of our carbon footprint by 2025, currently tracking at 14%. These goals are in line with the Town of Telluride as well as San Miguel County.

    Jensen made special note of several of the affordable housing projects on the horizon, adding that he wants to keep the development local and focused in order to best retain employees.

    The location at 100 Stevens Drive, Mountain Village CO provided gorgeous views as well as updated decking, enhancing the natural beauty of the property. Sitting on more than an acre, the 5 bedroom 4 ½ bath timber home sits just minutes from the mountain village core and is also ski-in/ski-out! Offered at $3.9M for just over 6,100 square feet, this residence is a quality find in a quaint neighborhood. New to market from Ben Jackson, schedule a tour this ski season before this property gets picked up!

    President TD Smith and several other Christie’s International Real Estate Master’s Circle Members trekked to Houston Texas for the CIRE Conference this November. After being rejuvenated and reenergized through top notch speakers and valuable breakaways, the team returned full of fresh ideas and a recommitment to authenticity and the idea of ‘surprise and delight’. TD recounted the speaker’s story of wanting to purchase a luxury vehicle, found the one he wanted with all the accessories, yet was surprised and delighted by a secret compartment which sealed the deal for the purchase of the vehicle. It was this surprising and delightful aspect of the vehicle that actually made the sale.

    In sales, we often think of good, better, best. The idea of surprise and delight suggests a measure of quality that our clients should experience. The ‘just expected’ ideas are things that people expect, the basics a client wants to see happen without fail. The next tier is ‘a little more…a little better’, a set of ‘better’ elements that make the client feel closer to a positive feeling or decision. For some clients this better is their just expected, especially in luxury markets.

    The ‘surprise and delight’ element is just that – something unexpected that delights the client and satisfies a need they didn’t know they had or adds that extra measure of quality and attention. Feeling heard and understood without feeling pressured, and then revealing a delightful surprise is a customer experience we are dedicated to. Our experience speaks volumes about our authenticity and willingness to help our clients find the perfect fit, whether it’s second home ownership, a vacation property, legacy home or retirement estate.