TREC Brokers Recognized by Telluride Association of Realtors

The Telluride Association of REALTORS (TAR) named TREC's Chris Sommers its 2018 Realtor of the Year at their annual awards dinner earlier this month. Nominees for this award are chosen and voted on by their peers. In addition to this prestigious award, Sommers, the out-going President of TAR and new Past President for TAR, also won the Presidential Award for service to the organization.

“I am honored to be nominated by the past recipients of this award and humbled to have received the Realtor of the Year Award for 2018.  The Telluride Association of Realtors has been a cornerstone of this community and continues its ongoing commitment to affordable housing, property rights, volunteerism and community involvement.  It has been a privilege serving as President for the Telluride Association of Realtors, the Board of Directors and membership this year as we strive to always improve our professionalism, education, public relations and community outreach for the Telluride region," said Sommers. 

Pam Guillory was the recipient of the Community Realtor of the Year Award. An avid volunteer, Pam is involved in several organizations including the Telluride AIDS Benefit, TAR Senior Luncheons, Angel Baskets, and TAR's Board of Directors as Education Chair. TREC is proud Pam has been voted as TAR's President Elect.

TD Smith was once again the recipient of the Best Open House Award. The cuisine served at TD's open houses match his lavish listings. From Thanksgiving dinners to prime rib to seafood spreads, TD sets the bar high!

Steve Patterson has been elected to serve his fourteenth term at TAR Treasurer/Secretary. TREC is proud of its brokers who serve as leaders in our real estate community.



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Luxury Market Update | June 2018

As revealed in our just-released in Christie's International Real Estate's Luxury Defined 2018 report on the global luxury real estate sector, sales of million-dollar-plus properties in second-home and resort lifestyle destinations worldwide soared in 2017. Luxury sales in second-home markets grew by 19% year-on-year in 2017 with Telluride exceeding with 37% growth in 2017. Telluride has seen $191.5M in closed transactions through May in 2018. With $97.4M in sales currently under contract, we look forward to the summer sales season.

Telluride Real Estate Market Finishes 2017 with Record Ten-Year High

The Telluride real estate market’s total sales for 2017 finished at a ten-year record high. Sales were significantly better in dollar volume and number of transactions compared to 2016. With $616.1M in contracts closed, sales are up 36% over 2016. The number of sales is up 10% with 618 closed transactions.

The Town of Telluride’s high demand and limited inventory continue to be driving factors in the price of single family homes. With construction on nearly every block the past two years, vacant land sales have remained stable, with single-family home sales seeing an increase. Finished construction projects helped drive single family home sales, which are up 11% in number and up 38% in dollar volume. Condo/townhomes sales continue to trade hands with the number of sales up 19%.

Mountain Village high-end luxury home sales continue to trend upwards. There were a record ten sales over $4M 2017. This market achievement boosted the dollar volume for Mountain Village single-family homes up 46%. With proximity to the ski resort along with rental income potential, Mountain Village condo/townhome sales remain an attractive purchase, with dollar volume up 27% compared to 2016.

The remainder of the county saw a 23% increase in dollar volume compared to 2016. The Ski Ranches and Aldasoro luxury neighborhoods saw increases in single-family home sales. Notably, the Ski Ranches had nearly quadruple the number of vacant land sales in 2017 over 2016. Its privacy, views, flexible building guidelines, and transfer tax exemption prove to be an attractive purchase for future home construction.

Entering 2018, the Telluride real estate market outlook is positive, with $83.6M in sales currently under contract according to the MLS.

Click here to read our full Market Report.


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TREC Recognizes Top Performers

Each year, the Directors of TREC are delighted to recognize the outstanding efforts, dedication, and success of our agents. Congratulations to our 2017 award recipients- Alex Martin, Team Simon- Garrett Simon, Jessica Simon & Bebe Hinde, Team Dollard- Mark Dollard & Terrie Dollard, Team TD- TD Smith, Chris Sommers & Alex Smith, Steve Hilbert and Dan Henschel! 


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3rd Quarter Update: Telluride Real Estate Market Grows 40%

The Telluride real estate market continues to hold strong with dollar volume and number of transactions at a 6-year record high. With $431.4M in contracts closed through September, sales are up 40% over YTD ‘16. The number of sales are up 18% with 472 closed transactions.

Mountain Village continues to see a steady number of high-end luxury homes trading hands. There were five sales over $4M in the third quarter and eleven YTD. Overall, Mountain Village single-family home and condo/townhome sales are nearly twice that relative to sales through Q3 ‘16.

Despite the limited inventory, properties in the Town of Telluride are still trading briskly, with the number of sales up 32% over the third quarter of 2016. With $138.6M in closed transactions, the Town of Telluride saw a 26% increase in dollar volume.

Entering the final quarter of the year, the Telluride real estate market outlook is positive, with $137.3M in sales currently under contract according to the MLS.


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TREC Commits to Mountainfilm's The New Normal

TREC is proud to be a leader in the Telluride real estate community with Mountainfilm's The New Normal. The New Normal addresses climate change, the most critical issue of our time. Individuals, groups, organizations, agencies, and businesses are embracing this grassroots movement to actively battle climate change with five key initiatives. Will you join us in The New Normal?


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Real Estate on Skis Tour

TREC Offering Ski Tours of Trail-side Properties

Interested in ski-in/ski-out properties in Telluride? Join us on our Real Estate on Skis tour to learn more about properties on Telluride Ski Resort. Offered on Wednesday mornings at 10:00AM, ski a few runs with our local experts to see what's on the market. Also, learn some fun facts about Telluride and the history of the ski resort. It's free* and no strings attached! Meet us at our Mountain Village office conveniently located in Heritage Plaza, steps from Chair 4. TREC is pleased to be the most established brokerage in the region and share its knowledge with you!

















*Lift ticket not included. Guests must have their own lift ticket. 


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Telluride's Real Estate Market Finishes On Par, TREC Finishes Ahead of Market

Celebrating 35 years as a company in 2016, TREC is pleased to present our year-end market report.

The Telluride real estate market’s total sales for 2016 were nearly on par in both dollars and number of sales,
compared to 2015. $452.8M in contracts closed last year, only 2% below 2015 (which had the extraordinary
Mountain Village home sale of $14M by TREC). The number of sales were up one point compared to 2015.
What started as an uncertain year due to an unexpected plunge of the DOW and election concerns, first
quarter sales finished down 39%. The Telluride market rebounded exceptionally well and 2016 had a satisfying,
stable finish. TREC is pleased that its sales performed exceedingly better than the market with the company’s
dollar volume up 14% over 2015.

Notably, Mountain Village saw an improvement of high-end luxury home sales. In 2015, there was one home
sale over $5M, the abovementioned extraordinary sale of $14M. In 2016, there were six home sales over $5M
in Mountain Village. This is an indication that mountain resort markets are an increasingly attractive purchase.
The Town of Telluride’s persistent low supply continues to be a contributing factor to a mild slowdown in that
segment. While the number of sales are down nearly 20%, dollar volume is only down 11% signaling the Town
of Telluride remains desirable. With construction taking place on nearly every block, this should soon correct

Given rising energy prices in key Telluride buyer market segments and a strengthened DOW, the outlook for
2017 looks positive. According to the MLS, $96.8M in sales are currently under contract (with a third of those
contracted through TREC!). The combination of economic conditions and properties under contract indicate
the market off to a good start for 2017.

Forbes recently gave Telluride a rave review, saying there is “a compelling argument that it is the single best
ski vacation choice in the country.” Telluride has also proven to be a strong value play when compared to
other mountain resort markets, with entry level prices well below that of other luxury resorts. An unbeatable

How the Major Market Segments have performed:


Gross Dollar Sales down 10.9 % ($157.2 vs. $176.6M)

Sales Numbers down 18.9 % (137 vs. 169)


Gross Dollar Sales up 7.0 % ($189.3M vs. $177.0M)

Sales Numbers up 13.1 % (207 vs. 183)


Gross Dollar Sales down 1.0 % ($94.7M vs. $95.6M)

Sales Numbers up 16.3 % (186 vs. 160)

Click here to read our comprehensive Market Update


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