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A tour of the epic cliffside route across Telluride's via ferrata

Special Thanks to Spencer McKee - #OutThereColorado 

High above Telluride is a relatively short hike called the Via Ferrata, or Korgeratta depending on who you talk to. Featuring a trail that involves moving across a cliffside on a series of metal rungs and cables, there's a reason this experience is on the bucket list of so many adventurers.  If you're looking to climb the course this summer, make sure you follow ALL posted safety guidance and do your research before hand (this article is a good place to start). Editor's Note: This trail can be deadly. We recommend going with a guided tour.

Welcome to Telluride, Colorado. It’s home to some epic views, mountain town vibes, walls of cliffs, and the via ferrata route.
Photo Credit: danicachang (iStock).

Via Ferrata Spencer McKee

The via ferrata route is found across the cliffs that stand tall in the backdrop of the town. In this photo, Spencer McKee navigates a point near the start of the via ferrata course with the tiny town of Telluride in the background.
Photo Credit: Kimmy Saavedra.

Via Ferrata Abi D'Anna

The Telluride via ferrata course uses a special equipment system in which two carabiners are used to move from safety cable to safety cable. This allows someone to always be clipped in while navigating the route as it traverses across the cliff. We recommend using a guide for this experience, with one reason for doing so being the technical gear that must be used.
Photo Credit: Abi D’Anna.

The via ferrata can be accessed via the road that cuts past the iconic Bridal Veil Falls. To tackle the course in the most correct manner, start at the higher trailhead that can be found along the road just past this epic view.
Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

While hikers are clipped in during the most dangerous sections of the Telluride via ferrata course, several stretches of the trail included unprotected, deadly falls. Proceed with extreme caution and only tackle this course if your experience level matches the feat. It’s not for those with any fear of heights.
Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

Spencer McKee Via Ferrata

One section of the course is called the Main Event, in which hikers stand on metal rungs 100s of feet above the ground.

The main event is known for being a spot where epic photos can be taken. It’s also known as being the spot where hands get the sweatiest. Make sure you don’t drop your camera or phone!
Photo Credit: Mariah Hoffman, Pictured: Spencer McKee

Telluride Via Ferrata - OutThere Colorado

The course consists of a mix of rock and metal holds, along with dirt trail. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes with good grip so that you’re able to handle all three types of terrain.
Photo Courtesy: Sophie Goodman.

Via Ferrata Abi 2

Hikers on the via ferrata course.
Photo Credit: Abi D’Anna.

Via Ferrata Spencer McKee

While no technical climbing experience is required, it certainly helps. Make sure you’re comfortable with the gear you’re using and comfortable with the expectations of the course prior to starting the trek.
Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

But don’t forget to have fun, while being responsible and safe of course.
Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

Black bear pass road Spencer McKee

Be prepared for epic views along the way.
Photo Credit: Spencer McKee

Bridal Veil Falls - powerofforever - OutThere Colorado

If you bring some binoculars, you’ll be able to get an even better view of Bridal Veil Falls, a 365-foot waterfall.
Photo Credit: powerofforever.

Bridal Veil - Terry-Foote - Creative-Commons - OutThere Colorado

The building on top of the waterfall is a powerhouse that can power the town of Telluride.
Photo Credit: Terry Foote (Wikimedia Commons).

Downtown Telluride. Photo Credit: Michael Buck (Flickr).

Once you’re back in Telluride, don’t forget to check out the local gear shops and restaurants. There’s a reason this spot is one of the most iconic destinations in the Centennial State.
Photo Credit: Michael Buck (Flickr).

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