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10 Beginner-Friendly Colorado Mountain Hikes For Novice Hikers

10 Beginner-Friendly Colorado Mountain Hikes For Novice Hikers


Colorado is a beautiful state with lots of mountains and rocks, making it perfect for hikers. Here are 10 cool mountain hikes for first-timers.

Colorado is a Spanish name that means colored-red. The Spaniards coined the state Colorado based on the red silt deposited by the Colorado River. Another interesting fact about the state is that it is home to America’s highest suspension bridge. Also, Colorado is the only state that has ever refused to host the Olympics games, back in 1976. It is a beautiful state with lots of mountains and rocks, making it perfect for hikers. Most of the mountains are not high, making them ideal for novice climbers. Here are 10 cool mountain hikes first-timers should

10 Bear Lake Trail

Tourists looking to explore the Rocky Mountain National Park can find this trail. The hills are easy to climb and provide a gorgeous view of Bear Lake. The hike leads into a pine forest, which is typically covered in snow during the winter. The trees attract lots of wild animals and birds due to the shade. Visitors can spot deer, exotic birds, and elks, among other species.

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9 Fountain Valley Loop Trail

The Roxborough State Park has one of the best hiking trails for beginners. The Fountain Valley Loop Trail is perfect for hikers who want a wild experience with the opportunity to see deer grazing in the thicket. The trail is about an hour away from Denver, which is great for out-of-state tourists staying in the capital. There are more activities at the Fountain Valley Loop, including biking and racing in motorized personal vehicles. The park has its own motorized shuttle that visitors can take if they don’t want to walk. However, anyone who wants the raw experience should try following the trail on foot. They’ll enjoy the rock formations and the vegetation in a more natural environment.
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8 Serpents Trail

The Serpents Trail leads to the Colorado National Monument. The hike is not difficult by any means but rises 700 feet following well-graded switchbacks. Those who make it to the top of the rise will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Grand Valley. They can also spot the Grand Junction and Palisade. Many locals exercise along this trail since it provides a balance between physical strain and relaxation.

7 Rim Rock Nature Trail

Located in Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, the Rim Rock Nature Trail is perfect for novice hikers. It’s easy to follow and has vistas that sink into the dark canyon of the Gunnison River. The landscape has gentle elevations such that hikers don’t need climbing gear. It also means that one can easily set up a camp to rest along the course.

While visiting the Black Canyon for the first time, learning different tips will be helpful to make the experience easier. For instance, hikers should check informational signs along the trail for guidance.

6 Arch Rocks Hike

The Arch Rocks Hike is located in the Rocky Mountain National Park, which is along the way to Fern Falls and The Pool. While the towering structure of the Arch Rocks may appear intimidating at first, it’s nothing to be afraid of as many novice climbers have managed to reach the peak easily. Climbers can follow the trail which passes through huge cottages as the easiest path to the top. As one discovers, most of the trail is flat. The sound of the Big Thompson River should keep novice climbers engaged.

5 Bear Canyon Loop Hike

One of the most beautiful trails for new climbers to try is the Bear Canyon Loop. It’s wide and has open spaces that make it perfect for group climbing. The trail meadows near the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), which serves as a guiding landmark for new hikers. The entire trail is a little under four miles, meaning that the average hiker will hardly get tired climbing and descending. It’s one of those trips that are best taken slowly as one enjoys Boulder’s views.

4 Pawnee Buttes Trail

Pawnee National Grassland has one of the best hiking trails for novice climbers. The Buttes Trail is only 1.5 miles. What makes this trail even better is the birds chirping. It’s perfect for bird watchers as long as they don’t forget to carry their binoculars. The commonest birds that climbers will see include falcons and hawks. These birds of prey are easy to spot as they fly high in the sky and circle the landmass scanning for small rodents. The highest peak along the trail will allow hikers to take in the view of the sandstone rock formations and the arid plains below.

3 Chautauqua Loop Trail

Climbers looking for something close to Boulder will enjoy the 3.6-mile Chautauqua Trail. It passes through several historical sites, quarries, ski areas, a shelter, and a cabin. It also weaves through the Ponderosa Forest of the park. The trail is not particularly steep, making it perfect for novice hikers. The Chautauqua Loop is only 40 miles from Denver, so there’s no reason why visitors shouldn’t try it.

2 Dream Lake Hike

The Rocky Mountain National Park is also home to the Dream Lake trail. It’s one of the most popular hiking tracks for locals in Colorado since it resembles a Disney fairy tale path. The trail is short enough for novice climbers at about 2.2 miles. It starts at Bear Lake and passes through Nymph Lake. This hike is a good fit for climbers looking for a more adventurous and enchanted-looking trail.

1 Emerald Lake

Another cool hiking trail is the Emerald Lake trail located in the Rocky National Park. It’s a good option for visitors who don’t have much time but would like a short and quick mountain hike. It’ll take them a few hours to climb and descend, which is one of the key considerations for tourists on a tight schedule. The awesome views of Nymph Lake and Emerald Lake should be enough to mark a successful vacation in Colorado.

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