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Wall Street vs. Main Street Telluride

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If you are wary of investments controlled by Wall Street and National/Global politics, then place a piece of Telluride real estate in your portfolio. Over the past decades, the US economy has fallen into five or more economic slumps. The facts below speak for themselves about how the Telluride real estate market responds during the woes of Wall Street...

Oct 1997 - Sept 1989 BLACK MONDAY

Wall Street: Savings & Loan Scandal, Iran Contra Hearings, Insider Trading Scandals

Telluride: Average Regional Home Price INCREASED by 21%


Wall Street: First Gulf War

Telluride: Average Regional Home Price INCREASED by 35%

Nov 1998 - Jan 1999 MINI CRASH

Wall Street: Asian Economic Crises, Russian Default

Telluride: Average Regional Home Price INCREASED by 11%

Jan 2000 - Dec 2003 RECESSION & MORE

Wall Street: Y2K Scare, Accounting Scandals, September 11 Attacks, Dot Com Collapse, Second Iraqi Invasion

Telluride: Average Regional Home Price INCREASED by 28%

Dec 2004 - Jan 2006 OIL CRISES

Wall Street: All Time High Oil Prices until 2022, Hurricane Katrina, Rising Interest Rates

Telluride: Average Regional Home Price INCREASED by 39%


And of course all too recently are the 2009 recession and housing crash, the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, War on Ukraine, mass shootings, continual rise in oil and gas prices and the lowest inventory we've seen in Real Estate country wide. Telluride is still going strong with more than a 100% increase in the Average Regional Home Price. Contact a broker today to see if buying or selling now is right for you.


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