Telluride Medical Center, located on Pacific Avenue, provides 24-hour medical emergency care. The facility has four doctors on staff and 25 nurses, physician assistants, radiology techs and administrative personnel. In addition, several visiting specialists provide office hours on a monthly basis. 

Nine years ago, Telluride Hospital District (THD) officials and administrators began their search for a new site for the region’s health care needs, driven by the aim to find a site that could accommodate the area’s projected growth and before the region’s limited buildable sites were developed.  In 2014, a site in the Mountain Village was selected and plans were set in motion.

Community benefits of the new facility will include overnight hospital beds; a procedure room for minor surgery, such as colonoscopies; new imaging technology; expanded primary and urgent care; room to expand in the future; and financial stability from new revenues. In 2015, the THD took one step closer to bringing that vision to fruition when they closed Phase One of a new facility’s pre-design phase and voted on a conceptual plan.

Area resident and renowned high-altitude physician,  Dr. Peter Hackett, started the Institute for High Altitude Medicine in Telluride to improve the quality of life for residents/tourists in the region. 

Telluride is also a “Heart-Safe” community, with the installation of 30-plus automatic external defibrillators (AEDs) throughout Telluride, Mountain Village and their immediate surroundings.  

In addition to two full-service pharmacies, the region also offers healthcare services including:
  Alternative Medicine
  Chiropractic Care
  Family Practice
  Massage Therapy
  Mental Health Care
  Occupational and Physical Therapy