Telluride Neighboring Areas

The Telluride region has several diverse areas that appeal to different types of people. The numerous mesas are about as close as one can get to living away from it all, without living away from it all. The vast expanse of sun-kissed stretches of land sit at the bases of the area’s most dramatic peaks, meaning days are longer and unobstructed views seem no more than an arm’s length away. Wildlife roams freely and property lines reach out to mingle among wilderness areas and national forests, suiting equestrians as well as those who just love their space. Yet once in the car, all the mesas are less than 40 minutes from Telluride and Mountain Village, with certain 35-acre tracts uniquely positioned only 10-20 minutes away from all the action.

Then there are the numerous outlying towns, which boast community living that’s a little quieter than Telluride and Mountain Village. Heading south, residents actually go up in altitude to the old mining/mountain communities of Ophir, San Bernardo, Trout Lake and Rico, where neighbors live close to each other and to the mountains outside their doors. Heading north and west, residents go down to the slightly warmer and more agricultural towns of Placerville, Ridgway and Norwood, where homesteads come in all sizes and communities have social calendars all their own. And like the mesas, all the outlying communities are no more than 20 to 40 minutes from Telluride and Mountain Village. 

Some of the many regional highlights include:

  • Telluride Regional Airport
  • Deep Creek Mesa
  • Down Valley Park and River Trail
  • Down Valley
  • San Miguel County Fairgrounds
  • Regional Towns / Communities
    • Placerville
    • Sawpit
    • Ophir
    • San Bernardo
    • Trout Lake
    • Rico
    • Ridgway
    • Norwood
  • Wilderness Areas / National Forests
    • Lizard Head Wilderness
    • Mount Sneffels Wilderness
    • San Juan National Forest
    • Uncompahgre National Forest
  • Fourteeners:
    • El Diente Peak 14,159 ft.
    • Mount Sneffels 14,150 ft.
    • Mount Wilson 14,246 ft.
    • Wilson Peak 14,017 ft.
  • Rivers / Water
    • Alta Lakes
    • Dolores River
    • Gurley Reservoir
    • McPhee Reservoir
    • Miramonte Reservoir
    • Ridgway Reservoir
    • San Miguel River
    • Trout Lake
    • Woods Lake
  • Popular Trails
    • Blaine Basin Trail
    • Cross Mountain Trail
    • Deep Creek Trail
    • Galloping Goose
    • Lake Hope Trail
    • Sneffels Highline Trail
    • Waterfall Canyon
    • Wilson Mesa Trail

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